Perfectly imperfect

Just my journey of surviving life. I have gone through alot in 37 years of life. I have been heart broken, I am fighting a disease, I am fighting myself, friends and lovers.  I am loving, I am truthful, honest, giving, I am mom, I am an artist and survivor of sexual assault.

I don’t give my love away easily but when I do I love forever. I love with every thing I have. Honesty and truth mean everything to me and when it’s broken it not by me.

I am new in to my healthy living style to combats my disease . I am a now a high mileage runners 10-12 miles a day.  I started in April 22.2017 last year.

I am now 60 pounds less from a year ago..I have changed my health, people and situations. I did all this because of my health and heart break.  A part of me was hurt deeply and I lost a good part of me. Heart break does effect you, just never to me before.

This is is my story….

the truth


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